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    Thursday, July 24, 2014

    Why brown rice is healthier than white


    All good are not good for eyes!!!!!

    Why brown rice is healthier than white

    Brown rice doesn't taste as good but is nutritionally superior to white rice.

    There has been constant debate over white rice versus brown rice for decades. Although white rice seems to be a favorable choice for the majority of people for its appetizing taste and appearance, brown rice wins hands-down when it comes to health benefits.

    Says holistic health guru Mickey Mehta, "Brown rice is healthier since the refining process only removes the hull of the rice kernel, leaving its nutrition intact. On the other hand, the milling and polishing used to make rice white, strips off its essential nutrients and vitamins."

    Technically speaking...
    A cup of brown unpolished rice contains 88 per cent of manganese, 27.3 per cent of selenium, 20.9 per cent of magnesium, 18.7 per cent of tryptophan and only 12 per cent calories. The conversion of rice from brown to white destroys about 60 per cent of iron, 80 per cent of vitamin B1, 67 per cent of vitamin B3, 90 per cent of vitamin B6, 60 per cent of iron and almost half the phosphorous, manganese and dietary fiber naturally present in the rice.

    Nutritious and wholesome
    Packed with natural oils, brown rice is extremely heart-friendly. Due to its fibrous concentration, brown rice facilitates healthy bowel movement and promotes weight-loss.

    A cup of brown rice fulfils about 80 per cent of the daily requirement of manganese in the body. Manganese helps in the formation of healthy cholesterol. Brown rice improves metabolism and keeps you feeling fuller for a long time.

    Replacing white rice with brown rice in your diet can help reduce the risk of developing Type 2diabetes. Says Mickey Mehta, "Like wheat, brown rice is also a type of whole-grain. Organically grown wild brown rice is the best as it is packed with all the essential nutrients and vitamins."

    P. J. Bhat
    Distinguished Scientist(Retd), ISRO/ISAC
    Deputy Director, MDA (Retd) , ISRO/ISAC

    Arpita Markande


    Eat Nutritious Food

    Many people think that they don't need to eat healthy because they don't need to lose weight. This couldn't be further from the truth!

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