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    Wednesday, June 24, 2020

    Broadband Connection For Your Home: Choosing Between Wired and Wireless Internet

    The Internet has become one of the most important things for us in our daily lives. We need it to do most of our basic things. This is why it is quite essential for us to get a good broadband internet connection for us. It becomes an important question for us when we are discussing about which broadband internet connection to go for. To be able to choose the best broadband internet connection, you need to be aware of everything regarding it. Keep reading ahead to find out what you must consider about a broadband connection before getting it for your home or office.

    What is a Broadband Internet Connection?

    Broadband internet connection is developed to provide users with high-speed internet. Initially, dial-up internet connections were introduced. But they weren’t the best source for getting the internet as they do not provide good speed. Broadband internet connection is fast because of the kind of technology that it uses — Modem, DSL, and Fiber Optic Cable.

    DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is able to transmit the data very fast with the use of copper telephone lines. The speed can vary depending on the location you are living in and the kind of plan you are opting for. The modem is the device which is directly connected with your computer and it receives internet from the data lines and sends it to your connected device.

    Types of Broadband Internet Connections

    So primarily, there are two types of Broadband internet connections – Fiber Optic Cable and Wireless Broadband. Through the Fiber Optic cable, data is transferred through glass fibers in light speed. As for the wireless broadband internet connection, it works on radio links. Though it can cover your whole home, it can’t be expanded to large areas.

    So which one should you choose? With Wired broadband internet connections, you can rely on them for higher speeds and better connectivity. The only thing which you cannot do with the wired connection is you cannot carry it with you. Yet you can expand the network coverage of your router with the help of additional equipments.

    Coming to wireless connections, it uses electromagnetic radiation technology. The maximum bandwidth that you can get with the connection is 600 Mbps. Mobility is far better for wireless connections than the wired ones. So if you are looking for an internet connection for your home, you can consider getting a wireless broadband internet connection.

    Difference Between Wi-Fi and Broadband Internet Connection

    Broadband internet connection is one of the best options for you if you are looking for high-speed internet. It is a wired internet connection. Wi-Fi, on the other hand, is a wireless internet connection. You can connect your devices to the Wi-Fi without the need of cables. There are four different types of Wi-Fi you can choose from. Broadband internet connection can be both wireless and wired. Though, wireless broadband internet connection is generally considered as Wi-Fi only.

    How Do You Choose a Broadband Internet Connection in India?

    First of all, you need to understand your requirements. There are different plans available, you can choose the one which meets your requirements. You should do your due diligence before choosing an internet service provider. There are many broadband internet companies in India and you should go with the one which provides the best service in your area.

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