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    Wednesday, April 22, 2015

    [nidokidos] Weapons of Mass Deception/ WMDs


    WMDs (Weapons of Mass Deception)
    The west is an absolute master of propaganda !

    They have proven their skill as "Master Puppeteers" time and again .....
    .......and manipulated not only the puppets on the rear and front of the "Stage" , but also the ones watching the "Play"..
    (I.e., ISIS / Saudia, Qatar Jordan / the world at large )

    They created "Al-Qaida"....staged "9/11" ... invaded Afghanistan, Iraq..... decimated, Libya ...and went on to aid, train and equip the militants against Syria...all in broad daylight....and transform/amalgamate them into a new "bull in the arena" ...ISIS.
    Pakistan has meanwhile been successfully entangled in an inferno of sectarian, political and criminal forces ....... left to chase its own tail and fight the demons let loose around and within us.

    Kibdly note that Iran's hands have been tied for the time being from playing any active intervention or role ....through the recent so-called "understanding" reached on nucleur research and embargo conditions.

    And all this while the "Evil Nexus" continues to pursue its aims in the name of "War against Terror"

    With ACT- I of the drama played out with "mythical" elimination of Osama Bin Laden ...the chapter on Al-Qaida is being systematically rolled up.

    ACT II
    Now they have created another boogyman (ISIS) give NATO another justification to jump feet first into the heart of Middle East with much hulabaloo and fanfare. (thanks to the financial, logistic and material help of prime patsies i.e., Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey , Qatar etc )

    The "Nexus of Evil" (USA, U.K Israel) is now masterfully choreographing the "dance of death"....making Muslims fight against other Muslims....sowing confusion , chaos , strife ....expanding the fault lines ....weakening the regional states ....till the stage is ready for the next phase of the "Drama" :
    (ACT III) i.e., taking on Syria and Iran.

    (The miserable patsies (ISIS) will play act any scenario directed by their masters....they don't seem to realize that they constitute the prime grist (like Al-Qaida) for the monce machine ?
    Initially the western script projected ISIS as killing Muslims to arouse anger , resentment and back lash from the Muslim countries.
    Lately ISIS is being indicted for killing Christians to stir up the support of the Christian block and kick-start another "Crusade".( ...appeals to prayer groups and pastor nauseum)

    ISIS are NOW being openly touted (by western meedia) as islamic extremists subscribing to the "Wahabist" school of thought and backed by Saudi Arabia and other Sunni patsy states....
    (CNN is constantly ..., repeatedly... incessantly ...repeating news of ISIS beheading, crucifying and shooting Christians)
    Being currently in Canada I'm watching the unvarnished Media in action ... creating the framework and world view for the unsuspecting population of east and the west.
    ....It must be even worse in USA Europe.
    Once the western Juggernaut starts rolling, who will stand in the way when it is time to steamroll Saudia , Kuwait and Jordan etc.?
    Interestingly the ONLY country who doesn't seem threatened is Israel.
    (Ever wondered why Saudia is so very nervous ...bleating for military support from Pakistan , Egypt and Turkey ....when it has been pliling up billions of dollars worth of military hardware from USA etc? Are they becoming aware of the pigeons coming Weapons of Mass Deceptionback full circle to roost .. )


    George Galloway on Yemen, Saudi Arabia and the Conservatives

    On this week's Comment show, George Galloway debates with callers on Yemen, Saudi Arabia and the Conservatives.

    Click here to watch this video



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