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    Tuesday, July 12, 2011

    [nidokidos] 8 spooky ghost towns


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    8 spooky ghost towns
    Okay, these towns arent actually haunted (though one claims to be),
    instead theyre abandoned; once bustling locales full of people
    that now stand deserted. One was shut down after a nuclear explosion,
    another was left vacant because it was on fire for 20 years...
    and all are frankly a bit spooky.

    Can I visit?
    Technically yes, but were not sure why you want to.
    Described as 'Chernobyl without the radiation by one travel blogger, this is a dangerous place
    made even spookier by the fact it was apparently built by Gulag prisoners during World War 2.
    Not exactly honeymoon material.


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