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    Tuesday, December 10, 2019

    [nidokidos] Contemplation: December 10, 2019: Mind Management


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    Mind Management

    Do you manage your mind or does your mind manage you?

    What goes on in your mind affects all that you say and do. 

    When working well, the mind is the source of ideas, inspirations and innovation, a creator of clear communication and high quality decisions.

    When working badly it can be the sustainer of hopelessness, depression and fear. 

    Start relating to your mind as the most precious asset and an essential tool.

    To be detached is to experience freedom. 

    Attachment is like a bondage. When I am attached to someone, I will not be able to fly nor will I let the other person progress. On the other hand, love empowers. I will be able to see what is lacking and provide accordingly. I will be able to enjoy the sweet relationship without feeling the bondage. Today I will check and see with which relationship I am experiencing sorrow. I will then see how I can change it into something more positive. I will work on the relationship in such a way that both will be able to experience freedom. There would be, then, be no expectations, but only the ability to give.

    Meditation On Experiencing My Original Loveful Nature

    I sit in silence, letting my thoughts go away from the outer world... I allow my mind to relax... to calm down... I focus my attention on the heart of my being... My heart is like a sacred silent place where I can feel what I really am... I am peaceful and light... a loving soul... strong... secure... kind...

    I have many virtues and qualities that I can share with others... Now my attention is going towards the quality of love... I imagine love like a seed in my heart waiting to awaken... grow... and blossom... like a rose... For this, I only have to accept... believe.... feel... that I am a soul full of love... child of the Ocean of Love... I am a spiritual rose flower... radiating the spiritual fragrance of love...

    Letting go of the past... letting go of expectations... fears... negative feelings.... forgiving... opening my heart... feeling that it is cleansed and this energy of love is as pure as the clean water flowing from a waterfall. Nothing and nobody have touched it.... this is a love that asks for nothing in exchange... the love of a clean heart is unselfish... free of ego and expectations... It makes truth and sincerity grow... acceptance and understanding.... I open my heart completely to love... I inhale deeply... I visualize my heart filling itself with this energy of pure love... I exhale slowly... and I visualize radiating this light of love from the deepest part of my heart towards the world... I am a beautiful soul of light radiating peace and love... I am love... I love myself and accept myself and others...

    Soul Sustenance 

    Rediscover The Essence Of Happiness (Part 2) 

    Loving your life is about trusting your instinct, taking the odd chance in difficult situations, loving and experiencing joy, enjoying memories of good actions and episodes of life and learning through life time experiences. The birds chirping on the tree, a child nibbling on her mother or merry children spilling out of their homes, all have the capability to make a person feel happy. We just neglect most of these. Nowadays, we try and look for joy in bonuses, promotions or any monetary gain. But can money really buy happiness? Sometimes you see poor people laughing carelessly while they play with their children and experiencing happiness. On the other hand, children from well off families are surrounded with technology today. Technology has created such an influence in an individual's life that people have almost abandoned their family time. The time of the day that bought so much laughing and giggling in the house is now substituted with members glued to television or mobile phones. Festivals that were the major joyful events have now lost their essence. They are merely days of more worry and tensions because of the new trends of exchanging expensive gifts or celebrating them lavishly. 

    So what is real happiness - perhaps a better way to describe happiness in its true essence is contentment. This comes from a complete awareness and acceptance of the self as we are now at an internal level, and an acceptance of 'what is' at an external level. Sounds difficult? The highest happiness is bliss which can be experienced only when the self is totally free of all attachment and dependency. Sounds even more difficult? But this is a real understanding and definition of happiness, which is not difficult to accept and make a part of our life, once there is a deep understanding, absorption and appreciation of the divine wisdom of the self and others as well as the laws of action and time involving both of them i.e. wisdom which is accurate and complete in all aspects. Real happiness is a direct result of this divine wisdom. 

    (To be continued tomorrow …) 

    Message for the day 

    When you are full you will be overflowing and will be able to bring benefit to others. 

    Checking: Throughout the day, check if you are able to be a giver. Also when others are seeking support from you and you are not able to give what they are expecting, check if your own treasure is full. 

    Practice: Take a thought each day that you have to be a giver. In order to be a giver, continue to fill your own treasure store. Keep filling yourself with all that you are getting throughout the day.


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