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    Wednesday, September 11, 2019

    [nidokidos] why Ladies Hate doctors?


    Why Ladies Hate Doctors

    Before giving Anesthesia Doctor asked Lady: " What's Your Age Madam? " 
    Lady: 24 years! 

    Doctor: Madam are you sure this is correct age? Because the amount of Anesthesia will depend upon your age. 
    Lady: 30 years! 

    Doctor: Look, Madam... it's up to u.. A lesser amount of Anesthesia could wake u up during operation and u could go into comma as well. 
    Lady: 38... 

    Doctor : ( Once again..) Look Madam.. if u are not gonna tell me ur real age then the wrong amount of Anesthesia will directly affect your livers and they may fail as well. 
    Lady screamed and said: "49! That's it, I am not gonna change my age any further even if my dead body comes out of the operation Theater."


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