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    Wednesday, September 11, 2019

    [nidokidos] Contemplation: September 11, 2019: Dream with a Deadline


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    Martin Luther King, Jr. "I Have a Dream". Speech delivered 28 August 1963, at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C

    Dream with a Deadline

    Turn your dream into a vision, then into a goal, then into a plan and then into reality!  After all, a goal is nothing more than a 'dream with a deadline'.

    Gain wisdom

    When mistakes are made, we get defensive because of our ego. Ego prevents us from learning.

    Nobody likes making mistakes but why not make a resolution to learn from your mistakes.

    Even if 99% of it is another person's mistake, don't think of that. First, be honest with yourself and see what you can learn, then you'll be free from ego. Gain wisdom and accelerate your self-improvement

    Making Your Dream A Reality (Visualization)

    I relax my body... I let go of all tensions.... I reduce the speed of my thoughts...  I relax my mind, my thinking.... I let go of what doesn't let me be well...  

    What is it that I the soul truly long for? What do I want in my life?

    I listen to the answer that arises from the inside of the self...  I let the answer come out spontaneously...  I don't worry about it...

    I visualize what I want and where I want to reach...  Now I fly; I fly towards the destiny that I dream of...  I visualize myself being what I want to be, doing what I want to do... Without fears, without strings that hold me...  I am who I want to be...  I see myself like that, having achieved it...  I enjoy some moments of this experience...  I experience my dream...

    I can achieve my dream... I have to visualize it as if I had already achieved it...  This strengthens my capacity to achieve it... 

    Now I return to the present moment...  I prepare myself to enter into action with this conviction...  I will make my dream a reality...

    Soul Sustenance 

    Meditation On Experiencing My Original Loveful Nature 

    I sit in silence, letting my thoughts go away from the outer world... I allow my mind to relax... to calm down... I focus my attention on the heart of my being... My heart is like a sacred silent place where I can feel what I really am... I am peaceful and light... a loving soul... strong... secure.... kind... 

    I have many virtues and qualities that I can share with others... Now my attention is going towards the quality of love... I imagine love like a seed in my heart waiting to awaken... grow... and blossom... like a rose... For this, I only have to accept... believe... feel... that I am a soul full of love... child of the Ocean of Love… I am a spiritual rose flower... radiating the spiritual fragrance of love… 

    Letting go of the past... letting go of expectations... fears... negative feelings... forgiving... opening my heart... feeling that it is cleansed and this energy of love is as pure as the clean water flowing from a waterfall. Nothing and nobody have touched it... this is a love that asks for nothing in exchange.... the love of a clean heart is unselfish... free of ego and expectations.... It makes truth and sincerity grow... acceptance and understanding... I open my heart completely to love... I inhale deeply... I visualize my heart filling itself with this energy of pure love... I exhale slowly... and I visualize radiating this light of love from the deepest part of my heart towards the world... I am a beautiful soul of light radiating peace and love... I am love... I love myself and accept myself and others... 

    Message for the day 

    The ability to find solutions comes when I know the art of listening. 

    Projection: I normally get to hear a lot of things and tend to get coloured by all that I hear. The more I hear about negative things, the more difficult it becomes to maintain my own positivity. Yet I can do nothing to ignore the things that make me feel negative. 

    Solution: I need to know to listen to people rather than just hearing them. To know to listen means the ability to transform negative into positive. Just as a doctor listens to all the negative aspects about the disease etc and still knows only to give the medicine, I too need to listen in order to give what is 


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