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    Wednesday, February 13, 2019

    [nidokidos] Generosity and Kindness


    Generosity & Kindness!
    Make Your Money Speak through GENEROSITY & KINDNESS. 

    There is a lot of money these days. You can see and feel it everywhere, with a classy lifestyle, swanky cars, ultra-modern expensive gadgets, Jewellery, marriage ceremonies conducted in star hotels, exotic holidays, it's endless. 'When you have it, why not flaunt it', seems to be the vogue these days. Mindless, bordering on shameless, display and show of wealth, is the order of the day. Everyone seems to be in the mad race for making more money, somehow, then showing it off to impress others and 'be counted in'. 
    Well, I have gone through the exercise umpteen times, being the victim of the 'show-off' spree feeling uncomfortable and at times, embarrassed, but truly speaking I 'pity' them all. They leave a very poor impression. Money and wealth, earned through hard work and intelligence, is seen wasted on builders, caterers, hotels, textile and jewellery showrooms & list is endless. But your money speaks for you, showing your big golden heart when you care for others as much as you care for yourself and your family. It will bring you both respect and reverence. That is GENEROSITY & KINDNESS. 
    generosity makes you something different, something apart. It makes you feel on top of the world. The best thing about generosity is that it makes you feel good about yourself, about this world, about the creator who created this wonderful world for all of us to live in peace and share. Generosity does not mean, how much you have. Generosity gives you the freedom to be generous with as little or as much. Generosity provides you with something everybody wants, joy, peace and happiness. Do not wait to be generous when you will have enough. If you can't be generous with what you have now, you would never be generous with howsoever much you may have in future. Postponing generosity means, you are losing a great chance for being happy now. A ten-year-old boy saved from his meagre pocket money to have a Sundae ice-cream and went to an ice-cream parlour. While sitting at the table, he asked the waitress "how much a Sundae ice-cream costs?" "50 cents" she replied. The boy took out the money from his pocket and started counting it. Little confused, he again asked the waitress "how much a simple vanilla ice-cream costs?" The waitress, little irritated, replied impatiently "35 cents". The boy, finally, said, "Please get me a simple Vanilla ice-cream".The waitress served him ice-cream and the bill. The boy ate his Vanilla ice cream with relish, paid his bill and left. When the waitress came to pick up the cash, her eyes were filled with tears. There, in addition to the bill amount, in the corner of the plate, were 15 cents, her tip. The boy had ordered a simple vanilla ice-cream instead of a Sundae, so that he could leave a tip for her.
     Opposite of 'Generosity' is 'miserliness' or 'being stingy with money'. Generosity makes a 'poor' man rich. 'Miserliness or being stingy' makes a rich man look poor.
    Generosity is when you want to share whatever you have now, not from the plenty you might have later. Being generous elevates you in your own eyes, which in itself, feels great. You have to love yourself before others love you. Everyone likes to be in the company of generous and large-hearted people. Be one now and see the difference and feel-good factor you create for yourself.

    Money plays a big role in life but it would make you happy, only if you are generous and kind in giving. If you are feeling low, stressful and pessimistic, then just try to be generous in giving, helping, sharing. True inner feeling of joy, optimism and positivity will replace those feelings of negativity.. It is when you are compassionate and sympathetic to others' pain and want to help and share, then money brings true joy, elation and happiness. 

    It's your money. You have worked hard for it. It must be put to best productive use, for your happiness, elation and joy. When you are using it generously for helping those not so lucky, giving it so that someone or his children may not sleep hungry, or responding to a newspaper advertisement for helping someone out financially for his or some unknown child's medical treatment, or for any such charitable or philanthropic causes, you are using your money in a positive manner. When you give with an open heart and hand, He also gives you abundance. 

    The world is full of wonderful generous, kind people. Here is a true story about human grace, dignity and generosity, titled 'Coffee on the wall'. The writer was having coffee in a restaurant, when he saw someone entering alone and sitting on the adjacent table, ordering 'two cups of coffee. "One for the table, one for the wall", he said. The waiter brought only one coffee for him, served very respectfully and pasted a slip 'one coffee on the wall'. Gentleman paid for two and left. A little later, a group of four people entered and also ordered an extra cup and same way, the waiter put another slip on the wall. Then he saw a poorly dressed man entering the restaurant and telling the waiter "a coffee from the wall".. Waiter, very respectfully brought a cup of coffee, served him and removed one slip from the wall. After having coffee, he left without paying, since cost had already been paid.      

    Mind you, cost of an extra cup of coffee was insignificant as compared to joy and happiness earned from this small act of generosity. Cup of coffee is not a necessity, but as a consideration for others when we realize that there are so many people, who would like to have a cup of coffee but can't pay for that, and making provision for that, is an ideal example of generosity, sharing, giving and being graceful & humane. It is a way of elevating yourself as a human being. Rich & wealthy are dime a dozen these days, but GENEROUS & KIND are not, so be that. Be generous like a River, bountiful as Sun and exhibit mother earth like Hospitality. 

    A small act of generosity may not mean or cost much to you, but it means a lot for the recipient. Never be the slave of negativity or procrastination when you can be generous.
    "Kindness is a language which deaf can hear and blind can see," said Mark Twain. 

    Remember: Ladder, which lifts you up towards success, has to be held by many people. If you are generous, they hold it tightly and securely, helping you to move up and reach where you want to be in life. By being generous, you are paid back many-folds in cash and kind. It always pays to be Generous.


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